Welcome to the Fauntleroy Virtual Choir

Updated Friday, September 25, 2020

Welcome, Singers!

We now have 3 projects in production.  If any of you are still thinking of jumping in on "Wild Geese," "Procession," and "Terra Australis," you are welcome to submit files to me up until mid October.

I am caught up in a time-consuming film project into the first week of October.

When I get a break, I will be posting some Christmas music that I need singers for -- there will be two EASY Christmas carols -- I will need you to dress up in hats and scarves -- pretend it's snowing outside -- and film yourselves at home in low light, hopefully holding a flash light or candle.

We will also be producing Dan Forrest's "Silent Night" for our Christmas season.  This is a beautiful arrangement which my Chancel choir sang in December 2019. Stay tuned for details.

To view our past Virtual Choir projects, scroll down to the bottom of the middle column or click here.

One final reminder about making videos.

Please don't get too close to the screen when you video yourselves. I have had some real challenges on the Birds videos with people's chins against the lower end of the frame. So please back off a bit if you can.  I need room to crop! There should be a little space above your head and the lower end of the video frame should be around your chest. Any closer, and you will be making a lot more editing work for me!  It's impossible to line singers up at eye level if you are hovering at the lower end of your frame.

Please use medium (1280 x 720) or high resolution (1920 x 1080) for your videos. You can change the settings on your phone. If I have to blow up a low-resolution video, it looks fuzzy. If you are able to email me your video, then chances are it's way too low resolution. Higher resolution files are too large to email. They need to be sent either by an iCloud link or Dropbox link or you can upload to the link I provided at the top of the right hand column.

Finally, some people are telling me thay have issues uploading files to this link from their phone. It's SOOO much easier if you hard-wire your files into a laptop or desktop computer and then upload it from there.


All are welcome.

Contact Bronwyn Edwards, Music Director, Fauntleroy Church UCC, and Artistic Director, South Seattle College Community choir, if you would like to join the Virtual Choir email list.

Email: sirensongbron@gmail.com

Phone: 206-255-4590

--- Bronwyn Edwards

Current Projects (6 and 7 - please scroll down):

Fauntleroy Virtual Choir 6: "Terra Australis"

by Bronwyn Edwards. This song is for ADVANCED SINGERS. It is both rhythmically challenging and the pitches aren't easy to find. You will need to be able to read score, otherwise be prepared to do a great deal of work to learn your parts by ear. Due to the immense amount of audio editing required on my end of things, I am requesting files that are consistently accurate throughout. Please do not attempt this song unless you feel confident that you can come close! Also, please make sure you LISTEN CAREFULLY to your submissions before sending them to me. If you hear your voice sliding to pitch, please re-record. I can correct a wrong note that is sung squarely in the center of the note. I cannot correct a slide.  It must be deleted.

I have divided the song into 3 parts to make it easier for you to work in sections. I will post the rehearsal parts on Monday, August 10.

Revised Deadlines for Submission:

REVISED Deadlines for "Terra Australis"
October 15, 2020

At this point, I'm good with AUDIO only. This song is challenging enough without having to worry about how we appear! So, video is optional. I may fade singers in and out if I have video, otherwise feel free to skip it.

Section 1:

Begins at measure 26 on page 2 through measure 53 on page 8.

Rehearsal parts SECTION 1:

Soprano 1 | Soprano 2 | Alto 1 | Alto 2 |
Tenor 1 | Tenor 2 | Baritone | Bass

If you hear anything on the rehearsal recording that isn't on the score, you don't have to sing it, but you may. Also, if there is any discrepancy between rehearsal part and score, you may sing either version -- what you read or what you hear. They both work.

Yes, the Soprano 1 has a divisi in section 1. Sing either part, or both if you want to send an additional snippet of recording.

Section 2:

Begins at measure 54 on page 8 through the end of page 12 (measure 86).

Rehearsal parts SECTION 2:

Soprano 1 | Soprano 2 | Alto 1 | Alto 2 |
Tenor 1 | Tenor 2 | Baritone | Bass

Section 3:

Begins page 13 and ends page 18. Measures 88-134.

Rehearsal parts SECTION 3:

Soprano 1 | Soprano 2 | Alto 1 | Alto 2 |
Tenor 1 | Tenor 2 | Baritone | Bass

Section 4:

Begins page 19, measure 135 through the end.
NOTE: Section 4 is a repeat of section 1, so it makes sense to cover both sections 1 and 4 together, first.

Soprano 1 | Soprano 2 | Alto 1 | Alto 2 |
Tenor 1 | Tenor 2 | Baritone | Bass

"Terra Australis"

"Terra Australis" is about the voyages of early explorers seeking the great southern continent, including Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica. The music has an ominous feel at the start and at its conclusion , breaking into a sea shanty in the middle section. Instrumentation includes piano, timpani, hand drum and didgeridoo.

Download the score here. This is a large file (30 MB) and may take a while to download. Terra Australis SCORE 24 pages

Here is a demo recording. Download MP3 here. This recording is of voices, piano and didgeridoo and is missing the timpani and hand drums.

*Small donations (suggested amount $5) to assist with video expenses are welcome, but not required. This is a voluntary donation to help our artists involved in the project. If you would like to donate $5, please click on the button below:

Fauntleroy Virtual Choir 7: Songs from "Autumn Dances"

"Procession" and "Wild Geese"

SUBMISSION DEADLINES: (Wild Geese extended to Sept 27)

Sunday, September 27, 2020 for "Wild Geese"; AND
Sunday, September 27, 2020 for "Procession

Recordings and Scores:

Procession (mp3) | score (pdf)

Wild Geese (mp3) | score (pdf)

MP3 rehearsal recordings:


Soprano | Alto | Tenor | Bass

Wild Geese:

Soprano | Alto | Tenor | Bass

Past projects:

4. "The Tree" - Published June 13, 2020

Written by Dana Lyons. Arranged for SATB choir by Bronwyn Edwards.

View on Vimeo.com

3. "3 Billion Birds" - Published May 18, 2020

Written by Bronwyn Edwards and Pamela Hobart Carter

View on Vimeo.com

2. "A Corinthians Easter" - Published April 9, 2020

View on Vimeo.com

Fauntleroy Virtual Choir showcased 33 singers, 44 audio tracks and a new Easter composition created for Fauntleroy Church's Easter worship at 10 am on Sunday, April 12, 2020 on YOUTUBE. This was our second virtual choir project, and due to an unforgiving Easter deadline, there wasn't much wiggle room. Thank you to all the singers who worked so hard to deliver video and audio tracks so I could get this together on schedule. There was a huge improvement in the quality of our videos. Thank you all for paying close attention to the guidelines listed in the right hand column!

1. "Church" - Published March 31, 2020

View on Vimeo.com

This was our pilot project. We had 21 singers and I cut my teeth on positioning videos within videos and lining up mouths with sound. It was an adventure, and an exponential learning curve for us all! Thank you to the intrepid souls who helped launch Fauntleroy Virtual Choir!



Tips for producing a good video of YOU singing!

1. Use your iPhone or iPad to video. Turn it to a horizontal aspect.

2. Set your camera at eye level or above for the most flattering angle.

3. Be at least a couple of feet away so your face doesn’t look distorted.

4. Make sure you have a light source shining on you, rather than in the background.

5. Leave me plenty of room in the video frame to crop in all directions. In other words, you don’t need to take up the entire image area. I have two great editing tools called CROP and ZOOM!

6. Smile and look joyful. (This is hard, I know, and it takes practice.) Try to imagine you’re on stage performing with your choir, projecting confidently, while you are singing.

7. Please don’t be self conscious or worried about your video. I will edit out any parts that aren’t quite right, so if you make a mistake singing, it’s OK. Don’t try to do it all perfectly. Indulge in some joyful imperfection! Nobody will look at or listen to your file but me. In the end your voice will blend in with everyone else’s.

And here is a great little video on how to film yourself singing by my friend Betsy Boyer.